My snow day workout from home!

Happy Thursday everyone! For those of you who are enjoying Winter Storm Niko like me, this is a perfect chance to get your workout in from the comfort of your own home. This morning, I did a quick 45 minute to an hour ab and leg work out and I would like to share my routine with you.

First off, I woke up, ate some breakfast (eggs and some fruit) and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, along with a glass of water. If you want to lose more fat during this workout, I recommend you not eat anything beforehand and to just drink water. Remember to eat protein and some carbs afterwards to replenish your muscles!

This workout is great for when you wake up too late to go to the gym in the morning, or if you need to squeeze a routine in at any point in the day due to a busy schedule.

I will provide pictures of my routine along with how many sets and reps I did. I love to interval train, so I don’t leave much time in between for rest.

Start off by stretching your whole body to warm up your muscles. Doing basic stretches are perfect; hold the poses for 30 seconds or so.

I like to start off with my ab workout.


Make sure you look up and keep your chin away from your chest. Do 20 sit-ups, 4 times.


Rotate between both sides. Touch your knee with your elbows 10 times on each side. Repeat 4x.


Make sure your legs are straight up in the air. Try and touch your toes and again, look up and keep your chin way from your chest. Do 4 sets or 20 reps.


This workout is one of my favorites. Do this slowly and controlled. I like to do 20 of these, 4 times.


Switch from side to side. Keep your opposite leg straight and do 4 sets of 20, 10 on each side.


Start off with your legs on the floor, when you bring your legs up, lift your butt in the air to bring your feet as high as possible, and then bring your legs slowly back down. This is great for your lower abs. Do 15 reps, 4 times.


Bring one in and out, switch with your other knee; just like you are climbing in place. Do each side 20 times at a fast pace. Keep your body controlled. Complete 4 sets.

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite, planks! Do a regular plank for a minute, side plank for a minute, then switch to the other side for one minute. This will be a total of 3 minutes of straight planking. Do this two times.


Take a 30 second break because now it’s time for your leg workout!


Lunges are a great exercise. Keep your back straight, and let your back knee almost touch the ground. Do each side with 15 reps, 4 sets.


This is an awesome booty workout. Keep your one leg straight up in the air, do each side 15 times with 4 sets.


Squats are a great workout if you do them right! Keep your feet shoulder width apart, make sure your back is straight, and go into a deep squat. You can either put your hands on your head, as shown in the picture, or your arms straight out in front of you. Do 20 reps, 4 times.


If you have light weights at home, this workout is great for your hamstrings! Make sure you keep your back straight and very slightly bed your knees. Do 4 sets of 20.


This type of squat is good for your inner thighs. Keep your legs wider than shoulder width, back straight, and arms on your hips. Do 20 reps of 4 sets.


Lower your leg up and down. Make sure your leg is straight. Do each side 20 times, 4 reps.


This is another one of my favorite booty workouts. You can either do this workout with your leg bent while in the air, or straight. You want to lower your leg straight, almost touching the floor. Do 4 sets of 20.


Keep your back straight and lift your leg next to you. Do this workout slow and controlled. Do 4 sets of 20.


This inner thigh workout is awesome. Bring your one leg bent over and in front of the leg that’s straight on the ground. Lift the straight leg up and down slowly. Do each side 4 sets of 20.


If you have stairs in your house, this workout is great for your calves. Make sure your body is straight, slightly stand off the bottom stair and lift your body up and down. Do 20 reps of 4 sets.

Make sure you stretch afterwards to reduce muscle cramps and soring. Please remember to consume protein and some carbs to gain that muscle tone! If you don’t eat anything after your workout, your muscles will start to diminish instead of build. I like to enjoy a protein shake after my workout.

Be sure to check out my next blog about my favorite protein shakes!

If you did my workout and had any opinions on it, please let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.


Thanks for reading♥


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