Why you NEED to clean your makeup brushes!


This morning I was looking at my makeup brushes and noticed how much leftover makeup was on them from the morning before.

That sparked a light bulb in my head to write a blog about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes every morning!


makeup brush cleaner.png

For the longest time, I knew I should clean my brushes but was too lazy to do it. One day, my sister had told me some of the reasons as to why cleaning them is so important for your face. That motivated me to go out to Sephora (I use any excuse to go there) and get makeup brush cleaner.

If you suffer from acne, neglecting to clean your brushes could be a reason why! Your makeup brushes can collect the oils from your skin, grease from hair products, dead skin particles, and whatever else that’s in the air. If you continue to avoid washing your brushes, all those products can keep building up. Not only can this cause acne, but it can also give you irritations on your face. Then you’ll really need makeup to cover that all up!

For those of you who love to use eye shadow, not washing your brushes can discolor your shadows. You could have a certain look in mind for your eyelids, and it can come out completely different from what you had in mind.

Do you buy expensive foundation and powders? Well then clean those brushes before or after you use them! You will ruin your lovely products by adding all those germs to them.

If you let someone else use your brushes, don’t even think about applying them on your face without washing them! Do you want your friends dead skin on your face? Hell no!

Okay, I’m going to get really nasty with you ladies now.

Many of us love to apply our makeup on in the bathroom and leave our beauty products in there. Well guess what? You’re going to have poop brushes if you don’t take care of them! Every time you flush, water from the toilet bowl can splash out onto your brushes if they are nearby. Unless you need an extra bronzer, I don’t think you all want poop on your face!

As you can see in my video, I like to use SEPHORA COLLECTION The Natural: Citrus Brush Cleaner. It’s convenient–all you need is three or four sprays and the makeup comes right off. It smells just like lemons. I always associate the smell of lemons to cleanliness, so it makes me feel better after using this product. The liquid itself is light and not oily. On Sephora.com, it claims that their product “reconditions all your natural and synthetic-haired brushes, returning their sheen and luster.” That was good enough for me to buy it and I ended up loving it! I highly recommend this product.

For those of you who actively wash your makeup brushes, please comment on my blog with the product or tricks that you do. I am always looking for new cleaners or ways to clean my brushes.


Thanks for reading♥



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