Benefits of Coconut Oil

Hi everyone, I am so pumped that it’s almost the weekend!

I would like to go over something that should be used in your daily routine, Coconut Oil! Coconut Oil has so many benefits and I would like to share with you the reasons why you need to go to the store ASAP and buy yourself a jar!


Skin: Coconut Oil has many benefits on your skin, especially if you experience dryness. It moisturizes and reduces any flakiness or irritation from dry skin. I use it as a moisturizer on my legs every day. I also use it to shave with. I have sensitive skin and can get razor burn very easily and Coconut Oil prevents that from happening. After I get out of the shower, my legs feel super soft and smooth. I recommend heating your Coconut Oil for about 10-15 seconds in the microwave to let it loosen up for easier application.


Hair: Coconut Oil is a great product to use as a hair mask. Wet your hair in the shower and apply the amount approximately the size of a quarter from the middle of your hair to ends of your hair. Make sure to avoid your scalp and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Be sure you wash it all out when you’re finished and your hair will feel shiny and soft. This helps with damaged hair, split ends, and can make your hair grow faster. I have heard of other people leaving in Coconut Oil over night and rinsing it out the next morning to replenish your hair even more.


Health: Coconut Oil contains short and medium-chain fatty acids. Yes, Coconut Oil is a saturated fat but, believe it or not, it can help you lose weight! It aids in digestion and increases your metabolic rate, which in return burns fat for energy. It can also make you feel fuller and have you eat less during the day. Coconut Oil also strengthens your immune system with its antibacterial and antiviral properties. I recommend two tablespoons of Coconut Oil a day. You can add it to anything, drinks, food, while you cook, etc.


Cooking: Use Coconut Oil to cook with instead of Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil or any other types of oil. When you heat up other fats, the temperature can burn off the nutrients you need in your diet. Coconut Oil can take the heat and will keep the fats you need in your body. Your cholesterol level will rise after incorporating Coconut Oil into your daily diet, but it increases your HDL’s. HDL’s are the good kind of cholesterol that you want in your body!  Keep in mind that this oil can heat up quickly and can make your food crispier than using any other oils.


Diseases: For those of you who have diabetes, Coconut Oil can help regulate your blood sugar and helps your insulin to release better. This can also help prevent heart disease by improving the makeup of your blood lipids and allow it to flow better throughout your body better.  This prevents blood clots in your heart and veins.

I hope you found my blog helpful. If anyone has other benefits from using Coconut Oil, please comment below! I would like to incorporate this even more into my daily routine.

Thanks for reading♥


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