Shake the weight away!

I’ve wanted to make a blog for a while now on my favorite protein shake and why I use this product at different parts of the year.

Today, I am going to share with you a protein shake that I love and will help you burn fat in just a couple of weeks.





Garden of Life Raw Organic Shake is a protein shake that I highly, highly recommend for those of you who want to lose weight. This shake has so many benefits, while tasting good too! I know, many of you are reading this saying “yeah right, how tasty can this shake actually be,” but I’m telling you that it is delicious. My all-time favorite flavor is the chocolate.


This protein shake is made as a meal replacement. I drink it in the morning before work and it actually fills you up until lunch time. How crazy is that… a shake filling you up for hours? Doesn’t seem accurate, right? Well it’s true! It contains fibers that’ll keep you from snacking and eating unhealthy in the morning. It also gives you the necessary nutrients to the start of your day. Fiber helps regulate your bowl movements.. you all know what that means! It will make you go to the bathroom regularly, so I recommend warning your coworkers about stinking up the office bathroom. PU!


Garden of Life Raw Organic Shake is vegan, gluten free, kosher, dairy free, and soy free. It contains plant protein, organic grains, peas, seeds, and legumes. It contains green coffee bean extract that will burn fat and boost energy. If you want to build lean muscle mass, I recommend drinking the shake 20 minutes before your workout to let the protein absorb and be used for energy and build muscle. If you take it after your workout, it will build as well as restore your muscles. It will help decrease soreness after a hard workout.


For those of you who have problems with regulating your blood sugar, this shake is great for you! It contains organic sugar to maintain a healthy blood sugar, especially if you take it as a meal replacement.


I don’t take this shake throughout the whole year. I only take this one a month before a vacation, or when summer is coming up to get lean and mean! For the shakes I drink the rest of the year, stay tuned for my next blog!


If you have tried this product or know of another great weight loss protein shake, please share with me below!


Again, I highly recommend trying this product out.. even if it’s only for a couple weeks. All you need is a blender bottle, one scoop of protein powder, water, or almond milk and you’re good to go. It is especially perfect for those on the go.


I hope you enjoyed this blog and I can’t wait to hear how this product has helped you!


Thanks for reading♥


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