FabFitFun – Spring 2017 Unboxing

I hope you are having a great start to your week!

I have created a video for you about one of my favorite subscriptions, FabFitFun! You will be given $100 to $200 worth of products seasonally with a cost of $50, four times a year.

My video will go over what products I have received in the mail this spring. Below the video are pictures of each product so you can see them more clearly. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it!



Here are pictures of each of the products in my FabFitFun box!



Gypsy 05 – The Boho Beach Roundie


Karuna Hydrating + Face Mask


Emerald+Duv – Joshua Tree Cage Bracelet


Milly – Slay All Day Zip Pouch


RealHer – I AM FABULOUS – Deep Red Lip Kit


Nature’s Bounty – Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

Deborah Lippmann – Shape of my Heart and Like a Virgin – Nail Polish

bhj b

Briogeo Rosarco Milk – Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray


Dr. Brandt – Mircrodermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator


If you have tried any of these products, please comment below on how you liked or didn’t like them! I would love to hear your opinions.


Stay tuned for my next beauty product blog!


As always, thanks for watching♥


3 thoughts on “FabFitFun – Spring 2017 Unboxing

  1. I decided to sign up for this subscription box based solely on the fact that the Dr.Brandt was in there! I had received a sample of it in an Ipsy bag a few years ago…used it up then went to the store to purchase it. When I saw the price I got sticker shock. So…to have such a great product in a box filled with other awesome things sold me! The roundie is super cute as well. I had been looking at them on ebay and debating so ….might as well just have them pick one out for me!

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